Monday, April 18, 2011

~The Climb~

hihiAssalamualaikum WBT~! Hihi! Konnichiwa minna-san!

Hahaha! Yesterday was like a happy day with my family... like there was nothing happened to us beforehaa. Alhamdulillah everything is fine. Oh! our prawn has finally hatched her eggs! And OMG!! WAT?! There were so many baby prawns under her belly! Eeeeeii~!! But I also think it's cute ^^ hehehe!

My mom showed me the baby prawns on Saturday and I couldn't see their figure quite well but then yesterday which was on Sunday when I tried to see them I was so shocked. They have grown a little larger than before. Their growth seems rapid. I could see their eyes, legs and bodies. Extremely cute! shy3


[Baby prawns]

[The mummy^^]


That's all for now guys! See you in the next lesson! Bye bye!cyaz

Sunday, April 17, 2011

~It's a wonder...

hihiAssalamualaikum WBT~! Hihi! Konnichiwa minna-san!

Yes, what a wonder... Have you guys ever thought of these :-

Why do we have to start the war whe we hate it? Why do we have to be wrong when it's wrong? Why do we have to be like the one we don't want to be?

Hmmm.... Oh well... anyway I'd love to share with you all some of my pictures at the English Fest last week ^_^


[Lea Racheal(Got third place in Story-telling competition and me]

[My pupils at the English Fest (SKSJ pupils for the spelling and Story-telling competition)

[Me and spelling team]

[My Year 2 pupil's homework... Family Tree hahaha!]

Aaa~ OK~! That's all for now guys! See you in the next lesson! Bye bye!cyaz

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~Sweet Pie~

hihiAssalamualaikum WBT~! Hihi! Konnichiwa minna-san! Hmm...

I just wanna talk about what happened yesterday. Well yesterday was a pretty hectic day for meanyaa. I couldn't handle it all at once~~ huhuuu... i have to admit... school work is like one of my biggest weakness actually... sighs...Photobucket

Oh yes, yesterday the biggest thing happened was I had been observed by my school's GPK HEM. Thank God he commented nicely at the back of the lesson plan. yippeeHehehe~ And I had so much fun with my year 1 pupils today. We were having activities in the PPSMI's room. I showed them some nursery rhyme videos and they were loving it. They asked me to bring them there more next time. Anyway today I don't think I will bring them there again. Twice a week would be enough. They also need a proper learning activities though.

Hahaha! I tasted the Oreo Cake my house mate baked the other day. It tastes sooo good! I plan of finish the cake hehehe!bloated

Aaa~ OK~! That's all for now guys! See you in the next lesson! Bye bye!cyaz

Monday, April 11, 2011


hihiAssalamualaikum WBT~! Hihi! Konnichiwa minna-san!

PhotobucketSighs... Monday... What a day... I truely hate Monday even if there's a good thing happen in my life on that day. I've prepared myself quite early this morning but hmm... no mood. I only excited when I think about my pupils I'm going to see soon.

I don't know why my head feels kind of heavy right nowugh2. I don't know how I could make this head become lighter... sleep? I slept already... feels hungry too...

Hmm... Actually I have no mood to socialize with the teachers in the school today... so many crisis, controversy and stuffs that I just don't understand why it has to happen? Unsatisfactory always happen here and there. However I just couldn't take it when it's too much.stress

Oh well... I guess I'll just concentrate on my project for the school!shy2

1. Mural Project! I want to start it by end of April! Location? CANTEEN!!
    Things I need: PELAKA Paint (red, blue, black, yellow, green, brown, white)

2. Action Song! For Year 2 pupils so that I can prepare them for any occasion. I'll try for the Skip to my Lou song.

Haaa... I'm not happy today... Feels so down...

See you guys in the next lesson! Good Bye!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

~Alice in the Wonderland~

lovulotsAssalamualaikum WBT~! Hihi! Konnichiwa minna-san! It's Saturday today and I just got back from school. Well... yes from school but not my school but from SK Bukit Gambir... Hehehe!yippee Actually today my school went for the English Fest which was held there.

hmphHmm... Not that I want to make it as a big deal but I felt so unsatisfied with how my GPK treated me this morning. Yes! I don't have any transport right now and I don't even feel like desperately wanna go for the EF. However I just don't get it, why must the GPK asked me such question..."Do you have any task there?" I was so shocked to hear the question from him. I didn't expect he would ask that. Of course I do have task as the pupils' official trainer. I think I have tried my very best to train them. Even though I wanted to give my all and even more but couldn't but I don't think it's right to say such thing to me! If he don't want me to go he didn't have to ask me that. He should just say "Zirah, you don't have to go okay because we are lacking off teacher and I think other teacher should go escorting the kids" Go ahead I don't mind. I feel like he treated me harshly lately. Sighs...Photobucket

So after that the GPK decided to let me go and ask other teacher (Teacher Fizah) to send us there. Thanks to GOD Alhamdulillah... When we reached SK Bukit Gambir, we were so amazed with the pupils thereoyeah. They were so nice and well... you can say extra friendly.. hehehe... How I wish all my pupils in my school are like them too. I don't think it's impossible. All we have to do is just work hard on it and consistently keep remind them of how to do things right and mind their manners. Humans are indeed weak but they can be strengthen because Allah has said that nobody can change one's destiny except we ourselves. So IMHO there's nothing impossible and all we need is just time. For a person to change isn't easy but at the same time not impossible so why don't we give ourselves time to achieve it. Hahaha! I hope you guys can understand what I'm trying to say here.nyahaha

At first our another English Teacher, Teacher Azmir who already arrived there went to register our pupils' name as the participants. After that we were asked to wait at the hall. We went to the hall but suddenly Azmir said that participants for the spelling and stroy-telling competition need to be at their room provided. So Azmir, my story-telling Lea Racheal sent 3 of our 5 spelling participants to the spelling room and then to the story-telling. At first we thought we need to send 5 particiants but last minute changes...they just want us to send 3. We chose the best 3 of them. (Fara diba, Ayu, and Siti Aisyah)

Off we went to the story-telling phase 2 competition section. From our view, it was kind of dull there. Other participants didn't have their teacher along with them that time. Maybe they were at some other section. We glared at the participants one by one and I started to make my own analysis. Hahaha... Just as I thought... Lea can at least get number 3 judging from the effort, costume, pronounciation, fluency, expression and others since there were only 3 schools that wore costumes and their performance are good. However yes, Lea did her best today. She tried her best to stay focus and not to be distracted but still she got distracted near the end of the story and so she couldn't finish it with face fault.

Alhamdulillah at least we got 3rd place out of 8 schools for BUKIT GAMBIR ZONE. I think it' quite an achievement for English area in our school. Congratulations Lea Racheal! Teacher proud of you! And to others who didn't win...it doesn't mean you're losing but vice versa... You're actually winning. You win because you're already on the road to become a winner yourselves. All winners never end up a winner without being a loser. So make sure after this you take another step even though it's tiny. So CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY PUPILS!

shy3Aaa~~ project for my English Language Club or ELC! Waaa! I'm so excited when I think about it! InsyaAllah it will be executed by end of this month and around May. It is alsogoing to be a mega project since all languages society in our school going to work out together to make it a reality! Amin! InsyaAllah I will upload the draft of it pretty soon so wait for it yah? Photobucket

Ok everyone! See you guys in the next lesson! Good Bye! cyaz Assalamualaikum!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sighs... PhotobucketI went to school this morning as usual and I took the normal route I used to take before. When I reached Gerisek there was a sign said "AWAS! JALAN DITUTUP! BANJIR DI HADAPAN!" means... Beware! Road closed! Flood ahead! I ignored the sign thought maybe the road clear already but not long after that... in front of the road up ahead there were a jeep and a motorbike made a U-Turn. As far as I can see the road was still flooded. Photobucket

I called my mom and dad asking them what to do. They suggested me to just go back home. I went back home. When I reached home, school contacted me asking why I didn't go to school and so I told them what happened. Then I called my dad again telling him that the school still wants me to go. After that my dad said that he'll sent me to school and asked me to just prepare myself.

We tried to go school using the longer route. From my house (Parit Jawa, Muar) (-->) Tangkak (-->) Bukit Serampang.... 90km... lolz... That's just waaay too far... We reached school around 2.00 pm. Settled everything around 4.00 pm. Reached home around 5 something. Today is a very hectic day for me...Photobucket So tired... I just need a loooot of rest now...Photobucket

Tomorrow I'll try take another route tought by my colleagues. Parit Jawa, Muar (-->) Sengkang (-->) Bukit Serampang... Well that one a little nearer than the one I took through Tangkak. Adoi! ugh2

Alrite then~! I need to go now alls~ See You All Next Lesson! Bye bye~!cyaz

Sunday, February 6, 2011


anyaaOuch... It seems that my route to school everyday still filled with flood. Not sure how to go to school tomorrow...hmm...this is really troublesome since the school still wants us to attend school. Oh well... I gues it can't be helped...duno

Tried to call my friend, Aini today so that we can discuss on going to school together but hahaha... my bad... I don't have her number... ehehehe...

Hmm... Chinese New Year has ended and school going to reopen tomorrow and I'm happy~ lovulotsGoing to see my beloved pupils soon! Hahaha! OMG!awh! I forgot about the school's anthem... need to rearrange the melody...hmm... seems like i need to do it by next week no matter what (>__<) huhuhuu~~

Okay then, See You All Next Lesson~! Bye~!cyaz